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Need some courage without being rude.

So I don't post too often but I need to vent and I would love some advice. We finalized our guest list and we were super happy that we have every single person we want to invite and are within the maximum guests we could afford. I work in the service industry and from this I have a lot of acquaintences because of my job. I'm getting a lot of customers asking when their invite is coming, when the wedding is etc. I try not to talk wedding but they are the ones that bring it up (my FI used to work with me so they know us as a couple) There is even one person in specific that my FI can't stand and he keeps on talking about how he's going to be dancing at our wedding, not even questioning if he's invited. Another guy that really wants to come and after a few drinks is basically yelling over the bar asking if he's invited over and over again, I told him that he needs to stop asking, we are paying for it ourselves and trying to get as many friends there as possible. Then he got mad at me. I swear this happens 3 times a week. What am I doing wrong? What is the right thing to say? I really don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and I'm flattered that they want to come and celebrate with us, but this is getting out of control and seriously stressing me out! 

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