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Dogs in the wedding??

So here's the deal, our (me and Fi's) dogs are like our children. I'm very attached to both of them, and they mean a lot to me, especially since one of them saved my life about 3 years ago, and the other one is our first dog together and is just a joy in our life! I want our dogs to be in our wedding...we have two...a male and female, and I want them to be walked down the aisle by the last bridesmaid and groomsmen, who actually offered to walk them down and are so excited about the idea, and the dogs would have little pillows on their collars with the rings that would be put on just before they walk down the aisle.
My dogs are really well trained and I've already practiced with them having the little pillow on the back of their necks (it's soooo cute,haha) and they do just fine!
However, my Fi's family is for some reason giving me a really hard time about this. They have a dog so it's not like they're not "dog people", and they adore our two dogs, but when I mentioned it they looked at me like I was crazy and have been making little jokey comments about it since. 
My Fi is fine with whatever, haha. If the dogs are in our wedding, great, if not, then it's ok. He's going through flight school for the Marine Corps, so he has a lot more to think about than our wedding day right now. 
I just wonder what everyone's opinion is, how I should handle the situation properly so not to insult my Fi's family by ignoring their opinions, having the dogs in the wedding, and possibly harming the relationship with my soon to be family, but still doing what I want for our wedding and not looking back one day wishing I had them in the wedding and not standing up for myself and what I would like in our wedding. 
If I'm wrong....please tell me!!!! Sometimes you need an outside point of view to really see what's right. 
I imagined my life without my dogs was the worst 30 seconds of my life.
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