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  • I just emailed mine.
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  • Are you doing plated dinner?
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  • I sent an invitation to our officiant because he and his wife were invited as guests to the reception. But I just asked my photog, DOC and DJ over the phone.
  • We didn't ask at all, we are just serving them the "vendor meal" that our venue offers at a lower price. I think that any hot meal will be appreciated.
  • Send the invitation to the officiant, and if you don't get a response, call or e-mail his meal choice.  Ministers/officiants are typically treated more like guests than vendors.

    The DJ is a vendor, so you can call or e-mail.

    But you might ask your caterer (if you haven't already) if they have cheaper vendor meals, and if they are like the guest meals, or some other alternative.

  • Totally agree with Dancin' - vendors get whatever standard vendor meal is offered by your venue.

    If your officiant and spouse are sitting with your parents at Table 1 as regular guests, then the officiant and spouse get an invitation with an insert card for entree choice.
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