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Relatives singing at ceremony-song choice

Is anyone having a friend or relative sing during your ceremony?  What song are you using?  I'm having my mom, her two sisters, and my maternal grandmother sing a song but I don't know what to choose or where to start looking.

Re: Relatives singing at ceremony-song choice

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    Good gosh.  Did you even lurk to see Stage's PSA about vocal music that's about 3 posts below this one?Well, since you clearly didn't or you would have given more info in your question:sacred or secular music?  Voice ranges of the women?  Are they experienced singers who can sing harmony well or are you thinking a unison piece?  Do they want to sing something more traditional or more contemporary?If you're getting married in a church, have you checked with your church's music director for advice and suggestions?If you're not getting married in a church, are you thinking accompanied or a cappella?This will help some of us with music backgrounds to give you some advice.
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    Actually I did check out the other posts before submitting mine.  But I'm guessing all the server issues we had at my work yesterday somehow affected website refreshing because the last post that I saw submitted was Rainyy's.  Anyway,  two are altos, two are sopranos.  All 4 have sung in church choirs for a few years and my mom is good at harmonizing.  Don't have a preference of traditional vs. contemporary.  We're getting married in a church and I checked with the music director but she only has hymns and I don't want that.
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    Fossl, I just read your last post.  Keep in mind that hymns may not be what you want, but they may be the only things you're allowed to have, as many brides have found out the hard way.  Lots of churches have restrictions on secular music.  Before you make any kind of decision on a song, find out if the song is even allowed.
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    I guess a lot depends on whether you are having a Christian wedding or not. "Be Thou My Vision" is beautiful and wedding appropriate if you are. I would pick something secular if you aren't. If you want something really traditional, which a choral group implies, there is always "Ave maria" and there is harmony in that.
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    Just a thought.... they might not be able to sing very well if they are emotional ladies. My mother will be playing guitar in my ceremony but she'll be crying and you can't sing when you cry. Luckily you can still play guitar ;-)
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    There are several things you can do.  When I started looking for music, I went to iMixes on iTunes and typed in various things such as "wedding music", "love songs", etc.  There you can hear 30sec. of each song.  I started a list and jotted down ones that I liked.  I am getting married in a church, but I plan on using love songs and not necessarily gospel songs.  You can also just google "wedding songs" and you'll find some great suggestions.Something that you will need to take in consideration is the type of accompaniment you are using.  If the music director at the church is going to play, check with them on what they are able to play.  You can find sheet music for various instruments for most songs.  If she is going to play, find the music and get it to her ahead of time so that she can feel comfortable with it and that way you avoid any mishaps during the ceremony (:If you're going to use a CD or something as their music, check with the church to make sure they can set it all up for you!Good luck!
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