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Tactful wording for asking for money in lieu of gifts.


Re: Tactful wording for asking for money in lieu of gifts.

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    [QUOTE]Didn't mean to <strong>make this such a heated forum</strong>. I really do appreciate the advice. I was not intending to send something in the invitation. Someone told me they had recieve a note in an invitation. And was only wondering what other brides thought. It is unfornunate that some of you have taken my question  and been so outraged to the point of coming across as <strong>judgemental  </strong>and rude. <strong>I have been uncomfortable </strong>about this subject way before even asking online,  And I am so sad that just asking a simple question (<strong>no dumb questions right</strong>?) would cause the worst to come out in people. I<strong> think I will stick to the kindness of friends from now on. I will never be part a forum again</strong>
    Posted by kawika05[/QUOTE]

    <div>A) This ain't heated, sister.</div><div>B) You're uncomfortable about this subject, which means YOU were judgey as well. </div><div>C) No dumb questions?  That is only said by people trying to pacify "dumb" people</div><div>D) Sure, stick to your friends, if you're so offended by us, I bet you only keep friends that agree with everything you have to say.</div><div>E) I'd say bye sweetheart, but I bet you'll be back, even if you're just lurking to see what else is said in this thread.</div><div>


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  • I don't even know how most of you put as much energy into this crap as you did. Don't we see this question every day on here?
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    Should not be placed on or in your invitations.  Asking for cash is not any different than asking for a gift - you are still asking someone to give you something; however, it's all in the wording.  Spreading the request by word of mouth is probably the best way.

    For my daughter's wedding, we created a "secret" Facebook page for their wedding to post information about the wedding, parking, etc. and to ask for those in attendance to post pictures from the cell phones. 

    It is on this page that we posted the following:

    "We are not registering at a specific store.  We really have all the household items we are able to store in our home at this time.  The main reason for inviting you is because we want you to join us on our special day.  We are, however, saving up for our honeymoon and future larger home."


    It's the most polite way we could come up with saying it by visiting several web sites on the subject.

  • @rebaholmes, this thread is nearly four years old

    @KnotPorscha, close, please?

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
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