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Maid of Honor & Matron of Honor

I'm having both. A best friend & a cousin. My question is, who stands by me during the ceremony. And who signs the marriage license?

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  • There's no right or wrong on this one.  If you want to keep things "fair" whoever stands further away from you can sign if you want, but really, you'll just have to choose.  I'm sure that's a tough decision to make. GL!
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  • Well if I were you I'd have your cousin sign.  Because you know, friendships can change, but your cousin will always be your cousin.  But like Mrs. B said, there's really not a right or wrong answer here, and your guests won't notice one way or another.
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  • We didn't even need anyone to sign our marriage license.
  • It's up to you.  I had both my maid of honor and matron of honor stand by me during the vows.  I had a bridesmaid sign the certificate.
  • My sister is my maid of honor and my best friend is my matron of honor so I'm having my sister stand next to me.

    Don't know about signing, we don't do that in Texas.
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  • i have the same dilema!! they are both my best friends and i'm sure one is going to be upset no matter what i decide...
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  • The matron of honor stands next to you,
    and the maid of honor stands next to her.

    The matron of honor signs the certificate.

    Reason:  The matron is already married, so she can be a marriage mentor for you.  So she's standing next to you when you take your vows - as she has already done, and she signs the certificate which certifies that her own personal experience and background have helped her to know that you and FI will have a good, secure marriage.
  • I'm also doing this.  I have two best friends and couldn't decide!  

    My maid of honor is going to sign the certificate and my matron of honor is going to hold onto my bouquet and the rings.  

    Both seem fine with it.

    Good luck!
  • You can do it however you wnat. But before you decide, make sure there's actually something to sign. In my state, for example, there isn't, which I didn't realize till the day of.
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    I was a part of my best friends wedding last summer and she had asked me the previous fall to be her maid of honor but another girl we had grown up with was asked to be a part of the wedding party.  Up until the rehearsal I was told by the bride I was maid of honor and would be next to her during the ceremony whereas the other girl was just a bridesmaid.  At the rehearsal, the other pitched a fit when the Pastor asked which one was the maid of honor and I responded.  We looked to the bride for clarification, and she (not wanting to have a confrontation) said "I don't care".  You can guess how it went from there...

    Moral of the story, clarify ahead of time who is what and what role they will play during the ceremony.  I'm having my best friend from childhood(the previous bride) as my Matron of Honor and my best friend from college as my Maid of Honor.  I couldn't choose between them either...but I'm having my Matron of Honor standing next to me during the ceremony and signing the marriage certificate.  I have already previously discussed this with my Maid of Honor, and she is okay with it so long as she gets to have a few responsibilities of her own (aka the Bridal Shower, Bachelorette, play lists for getting ready, etc).  I would just ask your girls what each would like to do with you for the wedding.  Best of luck!
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    [QUOTE]i have the same dilema!! they are both my best friends and i'm sure one is going to be upset no matter what i decide...
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    Hi! I hope you still check this - what did you end up doing? Both my MOH and Matron of Honor are my best friends too!!!
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