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Bridesmaid Dress Issue

So my cousin picked out a bm dress from the h*ll hole that is Davids Bridal.  Now I am 6'2 and of course said dress is not available in extra length and she insists that all the bridesmaids wear the same dress/shoes/jewelry ect.  I feel like I have exhausted all my options and I am not sure what to do.  

1.  I got a quote to redo the skirt longer, its $300 not including the initial cost of the dress.
2.  I can add a strip of fabric on the bottom, but it will look like crap.
3.  I can cut the dress off to knee length but then it will be different.
4.  I can wear a different dress that is kind of, but not really, similar.
5.  I can tell her tough crap pick out something else.

Any ideas I haven't thought of?  Now I have to find dyeable size 13 women's heels....
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Re: Bridesmaid Dress Issue

  • She must be a sensible woman. If she wants you all in the same dress, and this one doesn't come in your size, it would stand to reason that she should pick a different dress.

    I dwouldn't be dropping 5 hundo on a BM dress. But now, you have to show us the dress. Thanks.
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  • Have you told your cousin these things? How is your relationship otherwise? Is she known for being unreasonable?

    Obviously, that dress is not going to work for you, as there's no way you should be spending $300 to alter it. Your cousin is just going to have to accept that you'll need something different.
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  • I had picked a dress at Davids, only to have them tell us on the day the girls went to order it that it wasn't available in extra length for our 6'1" bridesmaid, and that they could do nothing for us. They had nothing attractive (to me) available in extra length, and I was all the way across the country, so the girls went to another shop and picked out something else completely different.

    I guess you can't force your cousin to choose something else, but that's what I did. Sorry...
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  • Oh no - she's making you wear dyed-to-match shoes, too?  I am so, so sorry. 
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  • Why not say, "Hey cuz, I just wanted to let you know that I looked into the dress and unfortunately getting the dress custom lengthened is just way out of my budget.  I can have it hemmed to knee length but unfortunately the way DB sizing runs, it's just not going to fit me the way I think you want it to.  Are you open to looking at a few other options?  I've heard X brand comes in extra length and they're pretty affordable.  I'll happily start shopping with you if you'd like."

  • Banana- I just got off the phone with her, and let her know what the cost was.  She had offered to pay for alterations until she found out what it was $300, and I let her know about the styles in extra length.

    I have to agree with jane.  DB has a terrible selection of extra length dresses!
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  • That's not a horrible DB dress, anyway. I just had to get a DB dress for a wedding too. And I'm not thrilled with it. But whatevs.

    I hope she gets some sense back into her brain!
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  • Coming from a family of tall girls with big feet I feel your pain! I found this website
    that has dyeable shoes in size 13. I have not use them before but it could be an option. Good luck!
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