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Tip My Wedding Company?

I'm getting married in Savannah, and I used a "wedding company" to do my wedding.  I have worked closely with one woman there, who wrote out the contract for my wedding and is organizing getting chairs and everything for the cereomony (not the reception).  The contract includes photographer, flowers, and cake, which she organizes through the company's preferred vendors.  I have never met with the florist, photographer, etc in person, and will meet them for the first time on my wedding day.  I basically send the wedding company pictures of cakes and flowers that I want, and she relays the info to the vendors. What are the rules for tipping in an instance like this? The bill for my ceremony, including flowers, cake, and the service charge for the company comes to about $7,000.  Who should I tip, and how much?  I need help and don't mind being candid. :)

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