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Hahahaha The Knot made STFU parents! (not sure if this was posted yet)
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    Oh jeez. I was all for kids at our wedding because 1) Lots of parental/relative supervision 2) wedding was in a huge stable with a huge fenced in yard.
    Had the wedding been at a smaller venue with less supervision or more alcohol, no freaking way.

    I also loved the one a few down talking about "my daughters poop is more substantial now" "ew thats gross"
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    This is hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed the response to Karin.

    Taco cat: Always a palindrome. ALWAYS, okay J&K?

    "cool......insult my size 2 body or my natural brown hair...or the fact that my parents own a country club, I have no budget for a wedding, and I have horses. I really dont care. Its better then having roots." ~ futurepivko
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    this comment makes me want to break kneecaps (courtesy of one tammy blalock):

    this is my FIRST wedding and unlike the selfish ppl out there... i want my family there to celebrate my day with me!
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    LOL.  Someone called her kid "crotchfruit."  I'm so stealing that.
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