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Office Bridal Shower guest list etiquette

A coworker approached me today to share that she and some of the other ladies in my office would like to throw me a bridal shower. I was so touched! She emailed me a list of about 10 ladies that she thought to invite and asked my thoughts, if I wanted to add or remove anyone from the list. I would love to celebrate with all of the ladies on the list and I think they would feel the same. However, I am only able to invite 4 of them (my closest coworkers) to the wedding. What is appropriate when extending the invite to people who are not on the guest list? I always thought the rule was that if they're not on the guest list, they don't get an invite but I thought I had heard this might be different in the situation of an office setting where realistically you often cannot include everyone. Can anyone give me any thoughts on this? I don't want anyone to feel bad that they are not invited or obligated to give me a gift at the shower. 
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