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Or Mel, since you were at the wedding and I'm not sure how often Bridget is around these days :)How/when did you get everyone together for the group shot at your wedding?  I LOVE that picture and I really want to do one like it.  Did you do it right after the ceremony?  Did someone give the guests directions to hang out for a minute?  What did the photog stand on to get up so high?P.S.- I love your new puppy!  I saw the pics on fb, SO cute! :)

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    Hey girl.We put something in the program about the fact that we wanted everyone to stick around for a group photo, but our program initially said to gather in front of the house at Highgrove.  Craig said he'd be able to get a better shot under the pergola, since there are stairs and an elevated patio above the ceremony area.  He was able to stand up there for a better angle.  I think he may have made an announcement in addition to what we had put in the program for people to stick around.  I hope that helps and that you have a good location or something for your photographer to stand on! :o)  I definitely love those shots too.Thanks for the comment about the puppy.  She's a cutie (even more so now with her haircut).
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    Thanks!  Me and my photog are going to go to our venues sometime and we'll look for places to do this.
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