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FMIL thinks she knows etiquette...

Hi! I am not much of a board poster, but I am hoping you ladies may be able to help me out.  

I recently received a digital proof of my wedding invitation, and I sent it to my parents, my fiance and my FMIL.  I only have my parents listed on the invitation as they are hosting (and paying for their portion of the wedding- as traditional ettiquette dictates).  My FMIL wrote me back and told me that ettiquette dictates that BOTH parents are to be listed on the invitation....While I am sure she has seen wedding invitations like that, it does not apply to our situation.  That is appropriate if BOTH parents are hosting the wedding together, which is not the case.  

My question is not whether or not to put both parents on the invite, but how to politely correct her ettiquette without offending her.  

As a side note my fiance is in agreement with my logic and has agreed to speak with her.  However, her response was addressed to me so I feel it would be polite to respond.

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