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courtesy invites and save the date

FI's grandparents are in their late 80s and no longer travel, but of course I will still send them a wedding invitation because they may like to see it (they live in NY and wedding is in CA). It's fine if I don't send them a save the date, right?

Re: courtesy invites and save the date

  • It's fine.
  • We sent H's grandma a STD even though she can't see and wouldn't be able to come. When she received it, she called H right away and told him that she was so excited to receive it. We included her in everything. She knew she couldn't come, but loved that she was part of everything.
  • We did the same as teachermegs.  While it's not required to send a save the date to anyone, sometimes people like grandparents really enjoy getting things like that (and may save them) even if it has no practical purpose for them.  
  • I guess I'm torn because I have only met them once and don't have a good sense of whether they would like it or be confused. 

    FMIL originally told us to not invite them at all, since they didn't travel to the weddings of the last 2 grandchildren who got married, but that didn't sit right with me.  
  • I am sending to those people as it will have an engagement photo on it and a website if they want to see more they can still enjoy some of the stuff if they can't attend.

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  • It's really ok either way, but what's the harm in sending it? All of my grandparents were so excited to get it, even though they probably won't travel. And definitely send an invite if you would want them to come, even though you know they can't. 
  • my grandma loved her std and told her friends i invented the concept.. lol.

    just depends on what ther`re like! i think you`re fine not sending them a std, BUT if they were to somehow change their mind or maybe a family member offered to  help them out, maybe they would appreciate the advance notice.
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