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Friday Night Lights, anyone?

Anyone here like FNL? It is kinda sorta my all time favorite show....and I have been (impatiently) waiting for it to come back on network TV for its last season... which is FINALLY this Friday. I don't have DirectTv, obviously. I'm torn though because since it is the last season, I'm also really sad that it is the last time I get to be excited about it. :( Anyone else excited? I hope I'm not the only one... ;)

Re: Friday Night Lights, anyone?

  • LOVE it. I didn't watch it from the beginning, and started watching it during its short stint on ABC Family. I actually initially got Netflix just to watch the previous seasons and am SO excited to be able to watch new episodes. I am sort of sad that it's the very end & also I wish more of the original cast was still involved.
  • i did really like it.  i watched a few eps here and there.  i thought it was done now.  so i think i'd have to start from scratch if i were to watch it again.

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  • I love that it is available on watch instantly too, because I got a few of my friends into through that, ;) I miss some of the original cast too, but I think the newer characters are amazing so it makes me less sad, you know? Sometimes shows can really tank when they replace people, especially with high school shows, but I think they have done a really great job. I am so mad they haven't won any acting Emmy's yet. Both Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler should've won last year when they were nominated. I really can't believe how amazing they are with their characters.

    Did you know a lot of what they film is unscripted? They have written scripts but usually they play off of them a lot and end up improvising a lot of the scenes. I love that.
  • love love love it!!!! I cannot wait for Friday night! my favorite it Matt Seracen (Zack Gilford) I watch him on Off The Map now too!
  • Mandy-- I don't know how good the last season is going to be, but I'm hoping it will live up to last season. The 1st season is great, 2nd & 3rd seasons are good but not as great as the 1st, and then the 4th season is amazing again. I don't know how they could screw it up now, but I guess we'll see.
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    [QUOTE]love love love it!!!! I cannot wait for Friday night! my favorite it Matt Seracen (Zack Gilford) I watch him on Off The Map now too!
    Posted by cutie4420[/QUOTE]

    I looove Zach Gilford.And I think stuttering ol' Matt is adorable. :) I think one of my favorite ep's of last season was the one w/ Matt and his dad. I don't want to say which one because it might spoil it for people who haven't seen it---but you probably know which one I'm talking about. I just bawled during the whole thing. Then again, I cry a lot at this show. ;)
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