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Something else other than ring bearer pillow??

Hello!Does anyone have any ideas for something other than a pillow for the ring bearer to carry?  I am trying to do just about everything "different".  Thanks

Re: Something else other than ring bearer pillow??

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    Etsy seller Wiseimpressions has some REALLY cute ring dishes that are customizable - you could also do a cute little box of some kind and if you are crafty at all you could probably get a plain hinged box at hobby lobby and decorate/paint it to your liking.
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    box. bowl, stuffed animal with rings tied around its neck, baseball glove, basket, toy truck, toy car, Also realize that in most cases, the ring bearer doesn't actually carry the rings-that goes to the BM and/or MOH. The ring bearer just walks in and looks cute, so he can carry whatever you want, or carry nothing. And if you want different: you can just skip having a ring bearer altogether.
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    We're using an AZ cardinals football and letting him keep after. The colors aren't exactly matching but my FI and RB love the cards.
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    In a shell, on a stuffed annimal , in a treasure box, in a ring dish, on a tree branch, ect What is your wedding theme?
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    Offbeat Bride had a tutorial on making a hollowed out book for the ring bearer to use instead of a pillow.  If we were having a ring bearer, I'd totally steal it.
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    I went to a beach themed wedding and their ring bearer used a seashell.
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    My flower girl and ringbearer (they're brother and sister) are going to hold either side of a banner that says one one side "Here Comes the Bride" and the other side is going to read "Just Married". We're just going to have the banner placed underneath the first pew during the ceremony.
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