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Quick Question about who to invite

Hi Everyone

Im new to the knot and generally lurk/post on the CT board. I had a general question for you girls though..

We were recently invited to a baby shower by someone we work with.. We've known this couple for a few years now..

Do we then in turn invite them to the wedding? I feel if we didnt it may come across as rude..I didnt know if it was something that should be done. We dont typically see them often outside of work..

Thanks for any advice!
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Re: Quick Question about who to invite

  • Nope.  Invitations are not a tit-for-tat sort of thing.  If they are good friends and you want them there to celebrate your marriage, then invite them.  If not, don't. 
  • No, an invitation to something doesn't mean you then have to invite them to your wedding.  There are no reciprocal obligations like that. 
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  • Also, keep in mind feeding a person at a wedding is EXPENSIVE- far more so than feeding someone at a shower! They know this, too, so invite those closest to you. That said, if you're having an enormous wedding and having hundreds of people and this couple feels particularly close to you, what's 2 more? But I'd say no, unless you're having a massive wedding anyhow.
  • Thanks Girls! I appreciate the responses..I felt the same way but needed the reinforcement!
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  • You've already gotten good advice, but I just wanted to say that my name is Krysti and my closest friends and family call me Krys. I've never seen anyone else with the same spelling. :)
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