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  • So she convinced your FI.  Talk to your FI and tell him that if you guys are paying for it then it's your choice.  This is not a decision he makes with his mother, but rather, you.  As far as she is concerned, just tell her that you respect her opinion and will take it into consideration.  Have the wedding where you want.

    Is she paying for anything?  Because then she does get some kind of say, depending on what she's paying for.  
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  • I'm not sure that fretting over whether your fi's family/friends can make it from NY to Virginia Beach makes her a monster.  She may be genuinely concerned about the cost/time/inconvenience of a DW.  Still, if you want to have it there, have it there, but accept that fewer guests may attend.  
  • Oh, wait. So your fi agreed to change it without consulting you?  You have bigger problems than your FMIL, I'm afraid. 
  • You need to stand your ground and do what you and your FI want to do.  Talk to your FI and express to him that you really would like to have the wedding in VA beach.
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    I'm a little bothered by your attitude that just because you and your family thought it was peachy-keen to have the wedding in Virginia Beach, it didn't matter a whit to you that his family (and your fi, it appears, given how easily he was pursuaded to change) was against the idea.  It is not just YOUR wedding - it's your fi's, too.  If your family is willing to travel but his is not, he may not really want to have the wedding in a place where his loved ones won't be there.  This should matter to you. 
  • Darn, it wasn't changed to XXX today.
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  • Gosh, you beeyotches are so mean! *runs and cries*
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