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Mrs. HisFirst HisLast Names

Reading through the "name change poll" by noodle got me thinking and I have a question for you wise Knotties who did/are/planning to change your last name....

How much does the "Mrs. HisFirst HisLast Name" thing bug you?  I am asking because my SIL went on a tirade over Christmas because her holiday card was written out to Jane Smith when apparently it should have said "Mrs. John Smith".  

I understand that the older generation prefers the titles - all correspondence to my grandmothers, great aunts and whatnot is all done with the titles because it is respectful.  But she is younger than me at 27 and I have heard from friends that they HATE having correspondence address to Mrs. Husband's Full Name.

Just thought I'd ask because my best friend gets irritated when she gets called Mrs. Maiden Name and I am planning on keeping my last name.

Oh wise knotties - teach me!  :) 

Edited for spelling: it's early on the west coast!
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