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Are they Necessary?

Hors D'ouevres. Are they absolutely necessary for a cocktail hour or can u do strictly cocktails. Its gonna be an extra $6 per can we cut out the apps or should we scratch the cocktail hour altogether due to no hds? Ive never been to a wedding with a cocktail hour but seen plenty on
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Re: Are they Necessary?

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    You don't have to have cocktail hour if you can serve dinner immediately, but if you have cocktails, you need food with them.
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    [QUOTE]Heavy passed hors d'oeuvres are not necessary.  However, I would definitely serve something during the cocktail hour, even if it's cheese and crackers and a fruit tray.  Otherwise, you'll end up with tipsy guests from cocktails on an empty stomach. ETA: If you're listing this in programs, it's "hors d' oeu vres." Its a French word so the spelling is really tricky for English speakers who want to put O and U together.
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    NO WORRIES.....Definitely wasnt putting in any programs....but I definitly understand avaiding too tipsy guests....thank you!
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    I attended a wedding last night actually with no food during the cocktail hour; there were some pretty unhappy guests (myself included; I skipped lunch and was starving).  But $6 a person seems pretty excessive. I'd definitely see if you can get a cheaper option.
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    I personally would want SOMETHING. I'm typically starving by the time dinner comes at weddings.

    Instead of paying $6 per person, can you say you want to spend $300 or $500 (whatever you are comfortable with) and they serve something that will accomodate that?

    That's what I did for my first and present wedding. For my first wedding, I couldn't understand why they were charging $5 a person just for cut up cheese and finally I asked them to just come up with something for the budget I gave them. They did a crudite and dip platter, hummus  and homemade pita chips, some tomato and mozzarella skewers...and a few passed hors doeurves.  I also had some botles of wine on tables which kept most people satisfied with that alcohol wise which kept down my bar tab too.

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    If you don't skip right to dinner, I'd say something small is definitely necessary to accompany cocktails.

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