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    [QUOTE]my home currently is washington state near seattle, fleece is a year round fashion staple. 1 out of three people here owns a boat.<strong> I'm originally from louisiana, we suck crawfish heads, think everything tastes better with cajun seasoning, deepfry twinkies (new orleans) have grooms cakes, have jazz parades for funerals.
    </strong>Posted by dizzinea[/QUOTE]

    I didn't know Groom's cakes weren't popular everywhere. Around here, they are a big tradition, and very elaborate.

    People refuse to get married the last weekend in April or the first weekend in May because you just don't have weddings during Jazzfest.

    Also, my OOT guests keep asking me if there is a home game for the Saints the day after the wedding, because "we would be more than happy to travel to go to the Saints game too."
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    WR: Youngstown (Ohio) weddings have a cookie table where all the women folk of the family bake dozens of cookies of all different kinds to have at the reception. Also, when I showed a friend from Cleveland my booklet style wedding program, she was absolutely amazed. She said she's only seen one sheet print-offs.

    NWR: Small town Ohio
    Pumpkin Festival
    Sweet Corn Festival
    Drive your tractor to school day
    First day of deer hunting season holiday
    And the best:
    Donkey Basketball- Two student orgs played basketball against each other once a year, in the school gym, while riding donkeys!
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    NWR: The other thing that's done here... instead of saying  "it's so many miles from this place or that"  We say, "it's abou 30-40 minutes away".... 
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