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Invitation Addressing Part II (Inner Envelopes)

My other post (a few down) led to this question, and I wasn't sure if people would go back to that:

We are printing addresses through our printer directly onto the envelopes for the outer envelopes (I know).

The deal is, we have petal folds for the inside, and we can't run them through the printer. My handwriting is HORRID, AND I have at least 150 envelopes, but if I have to, I will hand address the inside petal folds. I was thinking of not doing it at all, though, since the RSVPs will be printed with their names already on it. AND, the way petal folds open up, will they even flip it over to see the address on the back or just go ahead and pop the thing open?

And I KNOW you aren't "supposed" to print on the envelopes, but I've been lurking on here enough to know that this is also a rule that, as long as you don't use labels and use a nice font, it slips under the radar as acceptible most of the time....right?

Re: Invitation Addressing Part II (Inner Envelopes)

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    I think it's fine. There are far worse breaches of etiquette out there!
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    Thanks guys. The font we picked for the outer envelopes looks amazing ('ll glance and think it's handwritten). It's way prettier than I could do.

    Do you think it's cool to just skip addressing the backs of the petal folds and just have outer envelopes and their names printed on the RSVPs?
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    I think that sounds fine. I wouldn't side eye it at all (machine printing the envelopes and not writing on the petal fold)
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:9Discussion:f1a5f096-cee7-4054-b9c9-e4193d20085bPost:f6d01c9f-bb4e-40e5-a714-159a09e84a9a">Re: Invitation Addressing Part II (Inner Envelopes)</a>:
    [QUOTE]My FIL is a letter carrier and knows what sort of annoying things get mail sent back to the sender.  While you're supposed to do it on formal invitations, states being spelled out rather than with an abbreviation mess with automatic sorters and get slowed down for hand sorting or straight up rejected.  While it's also "correct etiquette" to list ladies first, be sure to list the actual addressee on top. If the letter carrier takes a cursory glance and sees the top name as "Jones" at the "Smith" residence, the invitation might get tossed in the return to sender pile at the end of the day.
    Posted by KindaSparkly[/QUOTE]

    Hmmm. We used the full states for our save the dates, and people we asked about them got them, but now I'm a little nervous...
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    I'm glad I saw that states spelled out messes with the sorter. I'm going to go with abbreviations I wanted to anyway since I write big and my guests are all from RI, CT and MA. Takes a lot of room to write those out!
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