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Help me decide....

...where H and I should go on a trip?  We're looking to go away for 3-4 days in mid-late July.  Our current contenders are Niagara Falls, Nashville, and coastal Michigan (Saugatuck, Holland).  All are about equidistant from us in Columbus.  What's your pick, and why?  Other suggestions welcome, too.

Re: Help me decide....

  • I voted for Nashville because I've been there and I loved it. I really enjoyed Niagra Falls, too, but I'm terrified of thunderstorms and there were some doozies when I was there.
  • Have you been to any of these places before?
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    [QUOTE]Have you been to any of these places before?
    Posted by midgetthemighty[/QUOTE]

    I have been to Niagara Falls but really just the big stuff - if we go there for this trip I was thinking in addition to the Falls, we'd check out the wine country nearby and the casino, etc.  I have been to Saugatuck but it was for a film festival so I didn't really get to explore the area much, and I've never stayed there overnight.  Never been to Nashville.
  • Ooo those all sound like great trips. Originally I was going to vote for Nashville since you haven't been there but then you had to say wine country so I voted for the falls.
  • I mean, I picked Nashville but obviously I'm biased :) It's pretty much my favorite city in TN. Although I do love Chattanooga as well. Nashville has great shopping, great nightlife, lots of historic country sites like the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame.
  • I vote Niagara Falls.  The Falls are nice, the area is really pretty, and I love Upstate NY/Canada in the summer.
  • I voted for Michigan. We almost went there for our HM, and I recently found some brochures on H's desk. I'm anticipating an anniversary trip, and I'm pretty excited.

    It's super pretty. 
  • I picked Michigan, because, well I had too :-)

    I'd probably suggest other spots in Michigan, but they're farther away (Traverse City/Torch Lake area is just lovely as is Charlevoix/Petoskey/Mackinac)

    H and I are headed to Niagara Falls in September, so that would probably be a close second for me vote-wise.
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  • I vote Niagara on the Lake.  It's wine country and absolutely beautiful.  You can rent a cottage, or stay at a B&B.  There are so many good wine tours, or create your own.  It's one of my favourite places to go.
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  • Habs - would you suggest staying near the Falls and driving out to Niagara on the Lake?  Or doing it the other way around?  I'd been thinking we'd stay near the Falls.  We probably wouldn't be able to do a cottage or B&B because we need to stay somewhere it wouldn't be a problem to cancel our reservation, because if I get the promotion I interviewed for we might not be able to go.  I saw there was a Hilton Garden Inn but don't know what else is out that way.

    Also, are there particular wineries you'd recommend in the area?
  • As a Canadian I highly recommend that Niagara region. There's lots to do besides the falls and clifton hill. Wine country is amazing and there are so many awesome vineyards - PM me if you want specific recommendations. There are lots of little towns with flea markets, amazing restaurants and quaint B&Bs too.
  • I've been to Nashville and Niagara and both are awesome! But, I liked Nashville better. Lots to do. Fun vibe. 
  • I personally don't like Niagara Falls in the middle of the summer, but that more has to do with inflated prices and ridiculous amounts of people than anything else.  I much prefer it in the spring or fall.

    I vote Michigan, especially if you can make it to Torch Lake.  It is beautiful
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  • Niagra sounds beautiful and like there's a lot to do. I voted for MI because one of my favorite vacations ever was in New Buffalo (about an hour south of Holland). That side of lake Michigan is gorgeous and one day after a storm we had ocean sized waves to play in. I would love to go back, especially in July because to me it would be a beach vacation, but without the east/west coast price tag.
  • Thanks to everyone so far - I think I'm going to take Nashville off the list.  Relaxing in beautiful scenery sounds like more the vibe we're going for this time, as opposed to exploring a city.  But still torn between Niagara and Michigan!
  • I voted for Niagra because it won't be hot!
  • hoffsehoffse member
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    I loooooove Nashville - it's perfect for the trip of the length you're talking about.  I spent 7 years there and wouldn't mind living there permanently.  When you're in the mood to check it out, you totally should.
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  • Niagara Falls because its the the honeymoon capital of the world! And it's such a cool place!
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  • pillsburyajpillsburyaj member
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    Hi there, usually a lurker but thought I'd comment on this.

    Do you have your passports? If so, I definitely recommend going to Niagra-On-The-Lake. It is absolutely beautiful.There are tons of wineries around and the actual town of NOTL has tons of adorable little shops and restaurants. My favorite winery is Peller Estates.

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  • I picked Nashville, but if you want to do the wine country, laid back and relax thing check out Winston Salem or Boone. I live in Pinnacle and we have lots of Vineyards in the area and lots of fun things to do. There's tubing close by (I love it!), Pilot Mountain State Park, Old Salem, fun night life in downtown Winston, the boutique shops in Pilot Mountain and Mount Airy.

    Boone/Blowing Rock is about an hour from us and very interesting to visit as well.

    I love Nashville and Chattanooga, we've visited both, but I love our home area more.
  • I live on Lake Michigan in St Joseph (another great location by the way), so I voted for Saugatuk/ Holland. Everyone keeps mentioning that Niagara has wine country. So does West Michigan. There are at least 10 wineries in a 40 mile radius of Saugatuk and they're great. Tons of B&B's and rentals. And if you travel south to St Joe, Silver beach was ranked 2nd best beach in the world after Nice, France :) (Sorry for the shameless promotion.) And South Haven is a very short drive from Saugatuk, too. Basically, you'd have mile and miles of beautiful lakeshore to explore!
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  • I've been to all 3 places and I vote michigan (though I am from michigan originally). Holland, Grand Haven, and Saugatauk are all awesome little towns with plenty of nice beaches. If you go a little further north, the sleeping bear dunes are amazing. That will also be cherry season around Traverse city. 
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  • I live in Nashville, and it's AWESOME..... BUT NOT IN JULY. 
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  • Last summer we spent a few days in Harbor Country (Saugatuck et al) - just wonderful!  And I loved Holland - the evening we got there we went to downtown Holland and there were street performers everywhere.  We're going back again this year except in July.  Last year we went in August and it was blueberry season.
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