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Thank You note question

We have already received multiple gifts from our registry, which our guests have had sent to our home, and it is still a couple weeks away from the wedding. I was planning on sending out the thank you cards immediately, so I wrote them all out, but as I was about to sign them, I was unsure how to sign! Is it appropriate to use my future married name, and sign the card for example, Mr. and Mrs. John Smith? Or since the wedding is still a few weeks away, is it inapropriate to use my future married name, and would it be more appropriate to sign the thank you's, for example, Mr. John Smith and Miss Jane Doe??? 
Or would it just be better to wait to send them out after the wedding, even though the gifts came early? This way there is no issue and signing Mr. and Mrs. Smith would be fine... Not a big dilemma, I know, but I'm just wondering what's best to do here...
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