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Puerto Vallarta?

Has anyone vacationed in Puerta Vallarta?  My FIL's have a time-share there that they have offered us for a week for our honeymoon.  We could stay in their condo or at an all inclusive resort.  (I don't know exactly how time-shares work, but apparently they can trade time at their condo for comparable time at the resort -- or anywhere else in the world, for that matter, provided they can find someone willing to trade.)

Needless to say, we're VERY grateful for their offer!  

Unfortunately (and I realize this is going to make me sound like a huge brat  :(), we aren't really "feeling" a Mexican honeymoon.  Neither of us is hugely excited about it. 

So... I'm kind of hoping that someone has AWESOME Mexico vacation stories that will make me more excited about this, because while I'd feel bad asking FIL's to trade the time in Mexico for time elsewhere (although they've offered more than once!), I know I would also feel bad about accepting when I'm not totally in love with the idea. 

I know this is a stupid thing to waffle about, but I'm a Libra.  I waffle on EVERYTHING.  If I didn't think ya'll would hate me for it, I'd plan my entire wedding by clicky poll.


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