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mother of the bride dress

Is it appropriate for MOB to wear a black dress?

Re: mother of the bride dress

  • My mom's wearing a black dress. I don't think anyone thinks it's inappropriate to wear black to weddings any more.
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    It's fine. The rule about not wearing black to weddings is outdated. It has gone the way of not wearing white after Labor Day.

    Wear whatever makes you feel fabulous!
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  • Depends why you're asking.
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  • Both our moms are wearing black.
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  • I think it will be fine if that is what she wants and feels comfortable in.
  • Actually - I don't like black at weddings. On guests, family, wedding party - I just don't like it.
  • Where I live we still follow the "no black at weddings" and "no white after Labor Day" rules.  If a MOB showed up in black, people would know that she really didn't approve of the wedding for whatever reason.
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    [QUOTE]Is it appropriate for MOB to wear a black dress?
    Posted by KPeters3[/QUOTE]

    Whether it is or not, is up to your individual family. In my family black=formal.  If the groom will be wearing black, why wouldn't my mother?

    I will say that it is inappropriate to ever tell a grown woman what she can and cannot wear.  Not that you were going to, but i just thought I'd throw that out there.
  • My FMIL is wearing black. She asked me first, because she didn't want me to think she was showing disapproval. She looks good in black, found a black dress that she likes. I have no problem with it.

    I have been to 2 weddings where the MOB's wore black to show their disapproval, and it was very obvious they were not happy-- which in turn made the guests feel awkward. I have also been to multiple weddings where one (or both) of the mom's wore black and were clearly very happy and they looked stunning.

    It all depends on mom's mood and intentions.
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  • I get a little weirded out when people wear black to weddings, but I'm thinking generally the intent is not to offend anyone, just they liked the black dress they're wearing!  If it really bothers you, you could probably talk to her about it, but I'd probably just drop it.  It's appropriate and acceptable for sure.
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  • Yeah my FMIL's dress is black and white, and we have black bridesmaid dresses.  Unless you're high society, this is something a lot of people truly, truly do not care about.  
  • I wouldn't worry about black BMs are going to be wearing black.

    My mom will be wearing an ivory dress though...I want to talk her out of it although she wore it to my 2 sisters' weddings.  It's a knee-length jacket dress so it doesn't look bridal at all but it still looks white and looks kinda funny in the pictures.  Should I try to talk her out of it or should I just brush it off as no big deal?
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