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I'm married!

Hi! I'm married, and back from the honeymoon! Just wanted to post a quick lil something to say hi, and I'll come back and share pictures, vendor reviews, etc. I did add one teaser pic to my siggy! :) The wedding was so amazing! Of course, something HAS to go wrong, and mine was pretty funny. I completely forgot (along with my bridesmaids!) to ever put on my veil! I was only going to wear it for the ceremony anyways, but oh well! Looking back, it was probably a good thing because it was pretty windy on the lake and it would have been blowing across my face the entire time. So see, everything happens for a reason. And it was hilarious when I finally realized it at the reception! The honeymoon was AMAZING. So freaking amazing. We had never taken a vacation together by ourselves ( least we saved SOMETHING for marriage ;) ) and we had a blast...details to come soon. Can't wait to catch up on some knot reading tomorrow!

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