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Are you lame?

I am.  Want to know why? 

*I banged my hand on a chair yesterday and now have this horrible black bruise inbetween my two knuckles, clumsy, party of me. 

*I'm listening to Christmas songs on Pandora.  I wasn't going to, but people keep talking about Christmas.  I think I'm going to go full steam ahead with Christmas love starting.............NOW.

*I have on ugly shoes today

And now you go.  Tell me something funny or embarrassing about yourself today. 

Re: Are you lame?

  • lyndausvi

    "Being PISSED and calling servers STUPID if they asks for clarification if the ranch "in addition to" or "in replace of" the marinara is a little ridiculous.   I prefer people to ask for clarification than assume."

    WHY if the *MENU* has it already and it is NOT affecting the food? That's wasting TIME. If the customer didn't read the menu, since it's on the side, they **ALREADY ARE ORDERING THAT ITEM WHEN THEY ORDER THE ITEM**.

    For example, if I order mozzarella sticks that come with marinara according to the menu, then that means even if I want ranch, that has NOTHING to do with the item I am ordering. The item I am ordering is "mozzerella sticks" which comes with marinara automatically, so since it's on the side, WHY WASTE VALUABLE TIME ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS? So what if the person has another sauce on the table if they didn't want it, because *THEY* should have ORDERED CORRECTLY by either subtituting or saying they didn't want the sauce. They are already paying for it in the price of the item already.

    You should assume in this case, because the condiment is ON THE SIDE not affectint the food itself.

    You honestly shouldn't have to ask even if it was affecting the food, because the customer should *READ* the menu, but since something would have to be made completely over, it would be best to not assume when it's affecting the food like a sandwich for example.
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