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Re: critique my invite:-)

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    An invitation shouldn't be in the first person.  I'd change it to:

    "You are invited to the celebration of  the beginning of their new life together as,"

    Also, certain words should be capitalized:

    Saturday, the sixteenth of October

    two thousand and ten

    half after four in the afternoon (no past - it's for funerals)

    And the actual street address of the art center should be removed.  Include the information for your guests on an enclosure card.
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    The wording seems a little odd to me.  It's in first person when you say "our new life together," but then it switches to third.  I guess I would just stick with more traditional wording.
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    And two thousand and ten is actually correct.  It's annoying from a mathematical standpoint but it's correct grammatically.
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    I prefer half after to half past.

    I'm not sure about the font. I don't like the g, but that might just be my computer. If you like it, go for it.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: critique my invite:-)</a>:
    [QUOTE]And two thousand and ten is actually correct.  It's annoying from a mathematical standpoint but it's correct grammatically.
    Posted by banana468[/QUOTE]
    Aw man.   I thought about that after I posted. *sigh*
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: critique my invite:-)</a>:
    [QUOTE]two thousand ten, not two thousand AND ten. :)
    Posted by AmoroAgain[/QUOTE]

    It's two thousand and ten

    check Crane's.  Poor grammar and math but correct etiquette
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    Yeah - it's annoying to do something that "feels" so wrong. 

    And we messed that up on our invites too.
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    Just curious, how is that "bad math"?  I mean in the Gettysburg address, Lincoln said "Four-score and seven"  (four twenties and seven, as in 87)
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    Mathematically, "and" indicates a decimal.
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    I don't think I've met a single mathematician (unless you count my second grade teacher) who cares about whether there is an "and" and where it goes.  If this matters at all, it only matters on the grammar front.
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    Weird.  I guess we engineers are just lazy (or practical) and say things like "The pressure increased by two point seven psi."

    ETA:  Of course, I guess I also wouldn't say "The force changed by two thousand and forty-two pounds."
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    I wouldn't say it out loud but I write it when I write out checks. $24.99 is twenty-four and 99/100 dollars.
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    I think your script front is really nice, but the other font isn't great.  It's halfway between classic and quirky, but it's not really either and looks a little like an afterthought.

    Martha Stewart listed some good typefaces for different styles: look here!
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    You switch from first person in the second line to listing your names and saying that these people will be united in marriage (third person).  To stay in first person without changing too much, you can just add "we" to the second line, like this:

    ...of the beginning of our new life together as we,
    are united as husband and wife.

    Hopefully that made sense.  The wording is beautiful but definitely has to be consistent.

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