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  • We have some in savings but right now are paying down our loans heavily. Between both of us attending pharmacy school, we are sitting around $200k in student loans. We are both on 10 year payment plans (and are hoping for a sooner time frame). In addition, we both bought cars last spring and are paying those off quickly (June/July of next year for each car). So, while it bothers me we aren't really in a position to buy a house or live income free for a few months if an emergency arises, we will be done with at least car payments soon and able to sock that all away.
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    We have nothing.. FI lost his job a few months ago, and picked up another pretty quickly, but it's only part time. I only work part-time due to my going to school, and the fact that the market sucks hard-core right now... So, we literally have I think, $100.. Maybe..
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