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place card issue

I am filling in my place cards and the lines are teeny. My handwriting is small enough but I am unable to fit more than one persons name on the card. I cannot fit two names or even a & Guest type of comment. Is it tacky to write an individual place card for each person attending? Its not such an issue with a Mr. & Mrs. situation but for single or engaged guests Ive got two names. What do you think?

Re: place card issue

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    Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to be able to print them out. Two cards it is!! Thank you :)
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    Everyone who attended our wedding got their own placecard.  Even the kids - who thought they were full of the awesome.  The nice thing about one placecard per person is that if someone gets up from their table (to get a drink or whatever), it's clear that that seat is already taken.
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    The word you're looking for is SEX. I promise. No, it's not gender. It's sex. You're welcome.
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      A place card for each person is fine. It is what I plan on doing.
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