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help with bridesmaids dresses !!!

Hey everyone,

I need some suggestions. I saw this idea for bridesmaids dresses that are all the same but are all different shades of blue and fell in love with it. I am looking for a store in Northern NJ, I live up by Wayne, that I can take my girls to in the next month and find a good variety of blue dresses. I am hoping to have it be not too expensive since the girls are paying for the dresses themselves. I am looking to keep it under $120. Any suggestions would be great. I included a picture below so you guys could get an idea of what I'm looking for. Not necessarily the dress but the idea with the color changing.

Re: help with bridesmaids dresses !!!

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    Many bridesmaids line will carry multiple shades of blue dresses. I would first look at color swatches of designers rather than dresses to make sure they have the blues you have in mind, and then go from there. I would assume most designers would have a cornflower blue, an aqua shade, and a royal blue. Many lines are also carrying peacock blues and navy as well. 

    My bridesmaids got their dresses from Bliss Boutique in Allendale. This store only sells bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride/groom dresses, and special occasion dresses. They had a wide range of prices and can most likely offer you a discount based on the number of girls you have in your wedding party. 

    Good luck!
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    If you are willing to go into NYC, check out RK Bridal.  They have SO many dresses, in all different price points.  You can try them on in the store and then order them online for pretty pricing.  Ship them to NJ and you won't have to pay sales tax.  Be aware that RK is basically a warehouse with hundreds of dresses that you can sort through yourself and try on as many as you need to.  It is not the type of experience where you are pampered and sip champagne, but I preferred being able to look through all of the dresses myself.

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    I used Dessy for my BM dresses because they have so many color options and they were the only company that had the shade of purple I wanted.  Check out their website for all their color options (  Tons of bridal salons carry the Dessy line.  Just make sure you do dresses in the same fabric so that way the subtle color changes will be more dramatic and less drastic.  Also, short dresses are less expensive than long dresses and don't involve as much alterations, which can add to the cost.  
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