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Photography/Videography recommendations

Just booked our wedding venue-Crystal Springs in Hamburg,NJ! Anyone have any good photographer/videographer recommendations?? Thanks!

Re: Photography/Videography recommendations

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    [QUOTE]Just booked our wedding venue-Crystal Springs in Hamburg,NJ! Anyone have any good photographer/videographer recommendations?? Thanks!
    Posted by Kwg5007[/QUOTE]

    Without knowing your budget, here are some photographers and videographers that we met and thought were amazing!

    Gulnara Studio (our photographer)
    Robert Wagner (I liked him as much as Gulnara, but my fiance liked Gulnara more)
    Inku (another photographer we liked)
    Hart Pictures (our videographer)
    Michael Justin Films (we didn't get to meet with him because he already booked a wedding on our date, but it was his films that convinced me we needed video)
  • Kwg5007 - Yay congrats on booking the venue!!!! Thats such an exciting items to cross off the "to do list" :)

    I would love to recommend our photographer & videographer - we have been dealing with them for a few months now and so far - pretty awesome! Their prices are very reasonable if you are working within a budget (they customize different packages)

    Our photographer is Callie -

    Our videographer is Joe -

    Good luck with the research & planning!!!

  • We booked with The Artist Group.  They've been great to work with so far.

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  • I wish I can go through all the planning again!! I am sooo jealous!! You have to check out Photography by Orlando in Nutley. He is AMAZING!! He's so down to earth and relaxed too. Enjoy!!!
  • We're doing our own video (basic camera on a tripod for only the most important stuff).

    Photography, we're using Robert Wayne Photography.  We found him through the many recommendations of others on the forum.  Wonderful photography, seems like a very good guy to work with, we love his albums, and we felt he was priced right.  And he's in Franklin which is only minutes from Crystal Springs.
  • We are using  M & A Photography  very reasonable prices
  • A friend of mine used Inku a few years ago. Their photos were amazing, and as a BM in that wedding, he was fun to work with. Orlando is very talents as well. We're getting married at Black Bear, one of the other Crystal Springs properties. We're using Dawn Joseph Photograph. She's only been doing weddings for a few years, but has been doing photography for fashion and advertising for a while. I found her style to be similar to Inku and Orlando, but her prices were slightly less because she's still building up her business
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  • I know the Lifting the Veil Productions does both photo and video (either separately or together) and they are extremely well-priced! Their stuff is just beautiful!!

    Check them out and ask for a price sheet!
  • We're using Jamie Bodo Photography, found her on theknot and realized after that she also shot my sister's best friends wedding.  She said she was awesome and very pleased with everything so we didn't hesitate to hire her :)
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