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Can anyone share the going rate pp for Seasons upstairs room or il Tulipano in August, on a Saturday evening,  and their minimum guarantee? Thank you! 

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  • I quoted them for a Saturday night in October and got 185 for seasons and 200 for il tulipano WITH taxes... But sorry don't remember minimum... I was guestimating my list at 175 when I spoke to them though
  • I'm getting married upstairs at Seasons on a Saturday night in September 2014. The minimum was 125 people and came about to $180 a person WITH taxes and gratuity. I also added in the viennese hour which was another $15 pp. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  • These were my top two venues and I ended up booking Seasons!


    My wedding is on a Sunday night in June and I'm paying $140 including everything for the grand ballroom, with a guarantee of 175 people.  Keep in mind that I know the owners - prices for all of the venues vary from person to person, unfortunately.  My friend is getting married on a Fri night at Seasons in September and paying $160 pp including everything.  My guess is a Sat night is around 180, if not more. 


    Seasons guarantee for upstairs is 125 ppl and downstairs is 175 people, no matter what night/time of year.


    Il Tulipano prices were pretty much the same....a Sat night in August will run you about $140 PLUS TAX AND GRAT which will end up being about $177 pp.  Their minimum guarantee was 150 people I THINK.

  • I looked at both! For a Saturday night in Oct. at il Tulipano I believe it was $175 pp (with tax and gratuity) with a 150 minimum. I know it's something around there but my numbers might be a little bit off. For a Saturday night in Oct. at Seasons, I'm almost positive it was close to $180 pp (with tax and gratuity) for the upstairs room with a 125 minimum, and the downstairs room was about $200 pp with a 175 minimum. Again my numbers could be a little bit off!!

    Good luck! Loved both of these venues!

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