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DIY wedding albums

Anyone have a link to theirs that they want to share? I could use some inspiration.

I've been playing around on a few different websites (Blurb, Shutterfly, MyPublisher) and I think MPix might be the one I'll go with.

Re: DIY wedding albums

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    I did a honeymoon album with mypublisher.  Quality was good, but pages are thin.  I bought two books, one to put out and one to "keep."  I can see the pages getting worn quickly with a lot of use.  I will post the link if you want to see the layout.

    I would go a bit higher end than the DIY sites for a wedding album.
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    MB--Mpix's press-printed products (which is what the album would be--at least, last time I checked their product line) get not so great reviews. (They get great reviews for their photo printing, but it's a totally different process.) I do think they would be better than the other companies you mentioned though.
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