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Just for you.  Here is my review of the restaurant at Il Villaggio. The restaurant is beautiful. It has very high ceilings with beautiful draperies and a chandelier.  It was actually smaller than I expected, about 20 tables.  They sat us in a private corner next to the windows.  I order the lobster bisque soup and surf and turf. DH ordered the french onion soup and filet mignon.  Everything is al la carte so you only get your meal with a small serving of potatoes.  They gave us 2 kinds- sweet potato mash and potato croquettes.  We also ordered a side of asparagus.  They food was delicious.  For dessert we had cappuccino and tartuffo.  Also very yummy. There were a few things I didn't like though.  The service wasn't what I expected. Our waiter disappeared for long periods of time.  The other thing is the set up. It shares the same floor and bathrooms are their weddings. It was really awkward when I came out of the bathroom and literally ran into the bridal party lining up for their grand entrance.
I enjoyed myself but thought it was a little expensive for what it was but it's a great place to enjoy a special occasion.
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    This is great... Thank you so much. It's funny... I would've ordered what your H did and mine would've ordered what you did. I really want to go, even though the last time H was there, it was with an old girlfriend.. Lol. My birthday is in April, maybe for that. Thanks again... Glad you enjoyed it. Much better than Bonefish!
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