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Dresses from Sample Sales??

Hi girls....I am going to a sample sale at Kleinfield's this week and was just wondering if anyone else has been to or bought their dress from a sample sale at Kleinfield's or anywhere else.  It will be the first place I am going to look at/try on dresses so I am not planning on buying but would really like to get my dress from a sample sale so that I can get a designer dress for less.  Any experiences or advice would be much appreciated.  Thanks :)

Re: Dresses from Sample Sales??

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    I think and I emphasize think that Ally got her dress sample sale, if I am right, she is on her honeymoon right now.  If I am wrong "hides in corner" for being a bad knottie!
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    If you really don't intend to buy a dress at the sale, I'd encourage you to reconsider going then. The first shopping trip is all about trying on lots of different styles to see what works on you--sample sales, especially Kleinfeld's, can get really packed and hectic.And, if you do find a dress, you're going to be a position where you need to make a decision on the spot, and you'll be second guessing if you should look at other dresses first, no time to sleep on it, etc. These are all the ingredients for becoming a 2-dress bride. (It's not to say others haven't done the same thing and been successful, but I just wanted to make sure you're aware of what you may be getting yourself into.)If you're set on going, at least go to another bridal shop first to find out the styles you lean toward.
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    Ditto what Melissa said.  Hit up a few bridal shops first to see what styles you like/don't like....what things about a dress you are looking for and what things you are not.  Heck, go to David's Bridal so you can see if a mermaid looks hot on you or if you are more of a ball gown kind of girl.  At a sample sale, as Melissa said, there will be  high pressure to buy a dress, and really no time to try on dresses.  Good luck!
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