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for those of you who had to provide your own linens, did you rent or buy? i've found that sam's club sells linens and have them for sale that are 6 80" rounds for $62. is that a good deal? also if you rented, what did you find the avg. price to be? we just want some basic white linens and will be covering them with colored overlays. thanks!
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    My venue had black napkins, but my fiance and I wanted white napkins or napkins that reflected our color. To rent napkins was .65 cents per napkin. I went to various stores and found some napkins (4 in 1 pack) at Wal-mart that were our color for $2. I waited and bought them on sale for $1, therefore, I paid .25 cents per napkin. I cut the cost in half.
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    I have been around to a few rental companies looking for 60" tableclothes and have heard anywhere from $15 for solid colors, up to $24 for printed patterns.  So, I would say that Sam's has a pretty good deal considering that you would OWN those linens rather than paying alot more for some that you would have to return!  I guess it's all in what you want, but I don't see spending $24 per tablecloth especially to RENT it!  I hate the fact that if you say "wedding", the prices skyrocket on everything!  But anyways, my vote would be for Sam's!  GL, hope that helps a little.

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    Our venue provided a base level linen that cost $16 a piece. I upgraded to the $25 linen. It just depends on how much you want to be responsible for. Yeah, you can save money by DIY, but for me, I think it was really nice not to have a lot of for sale items after the wedding (in fact, I don't think I'm selling anything).
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    mine are $15 a piece for rounds and $2 for colored overlays
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