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Hey 1/2 date twin!  My post is buried on page 2 now but to answer your question - I think I will change my name on my deed/title in case I need to refi/sell or do anything with my house or car.  My BM ran into a problem where she was trying to refi, they told her she didn't have to change the deed to match her married name, but the lender told her she did at the 11th hour.  By the time she got all that done, the rate and offer expired, and she is penalized or something for 60 days.  So she never ended up getting the refi lol.  I have bad luck with stuff like this and I'm bad at resolving problems in a timely manner so for me, prevention is key!

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    Thanks so much for the information!  I didn't realize that it may cause problems down the road.  Guess that is one more thing I need to add to my to do list. Thanks again :-)
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