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Here comes the bride

Hi Everyone,I have a classical trio playing for our ceremony (strings) and am trying to figure out our music right now.  I kind of like the idea of them playing "Here Comes the Bride" since that is the only time you can use that music!  My question is, is that out dated?  I have never actually heard it played at a wedding.  What are your thoughts?

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    You probably don't hear it that often, because so many churches have banned it's use. 
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    I would research the piece of music before you decide to use it.  It can be a somewhat controversial and inappropriate choice.[url][/url]
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    I thought it was a cheesy song and didn't plan on it then I played it off a wedding site and starting crying. lol. You're right, it's the only time and it's such a single moment, special song. Do it! :D
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    "It can be a somewhat controversial and inappropriate choice" Brie, can you explain why this is the case? I read the link you posted (thank you for that by the way!) and still am unclear on why it is controversial. Is it because the couple in the original play did not work out? Is it because churchs do not see it as religious so it is not allowed? I do not want something that in controversial and inappropriate, but I also am not seeing how it is. BTW, I am not getting married in a church and am not a very religious person, so the fact that churches do not allow it does not bother me. Any information would be appreciated! Thanks ladies!
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    Oh, and Brie, I meant to say, I LOVE your table numbers! So cute!
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    Have you heard the Journey version of this song? It's REALLY nice! It's on youtube...just google journey+bridal march. Pachabel Canon in D is a nice alternative too!
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