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Hi ladies!

Ok, let me start by saying I do not have bad acne, but I do not have great skin either. I've been on Differn gel for 6 months now, and it's not really done much for me. Still getting routine breakouts and a few deep blemishes.

Today, I reminded dermo that I get married in 5 months and want flawless skin. He rec'd that I read the information Accutane and decide if I want to start it. It's typically a 4-5 month treatment, and he said my skin would be "flawless and radiant" for wedding.

Has anyone taken Accutane? I've heard mixed things. Any information is so greatly appreciated!! Thanks :)
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Re: Accutane...???

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    I've never been on it, but a friend of mine in college was. His skin was amazing.  But I have heard it can cause depression...
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    I've never gone on it, but I've read that it requires 2 forms of birth control and a pregnancy test each month because it can cause severe birth defects.  I've had friends who used it and it does clear it all up, but not sure how long it takes.  I've also heard that it can be tough on the liver so drinking while taking it is not recommended.  Good luck!  I hope you find something that works, I know Differn didn't work for me either.
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    I have been off Accutane for a little over a year now.  I struggled with acne for 10+ years - I typically had "cystic acne" that was brutal!  I tried all the topical creams/gels and antibiotics - Accuntane is the ony thing that has worked for me!  I would highly recommend it, even though it is a tough treatment.

    You will have to have blood work done every month, in addition to monthly pregnancy tests.  You'll also have to take "quizzes" online after your monthly appointment.  It can be a pain, but it becomes routine.  If flawless skin is important to you definitely go for it! : )

    PM me if you want any more info!
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    DO NOT TAKE ACCUTANE!! I work at a health insurance company and all health insurance companies are required to make sure you fill out all this paperwork because of all the side effects(crohns disease, liver damage, suicidal thoughts, depression, etc).  You have to register to be apart of iPLEDGE, saying that you will not get pregnant while using this medication.They recommend that if you get pregnant while on Accutane that you should abort your baby. You have to take monthly pregnancy test because of the SEVERE birth defects. I know you might not be thinking about kids right now, but I highly recommend you seek another treatment option. The head of our pharmacy team gave us a whole presentation about Accutane and how we will likely take it off our formulary because of all the effects. I know it has a high rate of curing acne, but I don't think its worth risking all the other possible side effects. Some people get lucky and have no problems, but not everybody is that lucky.

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    I thought Accutane was recalled and there was a lawsuit against it.
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    took it about 10 years ago.  I had some bad reactions to it including depression but it did clear things up while I was on it for about two months before they kicked me off.  i had to have two forms of birth control: one being abstinence.  it was crazy what you have to do but worth it in my opinion.  i now just use proactiv and get just a few monthly pimples.  have you tried tazarac (sp?)?
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    I'm a little late on this topic and have had no experience w/ accident but I too was on Differin (for over a year) & it didn't help. I don't have horrible acne, but my chin is always red and broken out w/ multiple blemishes, often large ones. About a week and a half ago, a friend recommended a day spa that has special treatments for acne. After just 1 week, my skin looked better (we're talking no concealer needed)!! The treatment involves new products (i was using a harsh scrub even though Dermo told me not too...nothing else Dermo said really worked). Also involves microdermabrasion and light chemical peel...both which are supposed to help get new skin to the surface to quickly treat bacteria that may already be present. They estimated 3 months until I can just do home maintenance w/ a few check-ups a year, but it will be worth it to me to have beautiful skin in my pictures and on my wedding day!! Hope this helps a of luck and let me know if there is anything I can do!!
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