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Santa was just interviewed on the news. . sounded like he was going through puberty though. And apparently before Christmas he drives around every city with snow to make sure its safe for the reindeer. . .

I thought the reindeer flew?

Anyways. . Im now sitting here with hot cocoa, studying for the final at 10am, hoping that my professor just decides to cancel it all together and have us email an essay or something.  She's told me before that she lives out near me and right now it's icy -  mc - iceville outside right now.

Whatcha up to?
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Re: Morning!

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    Good luck if you end of having to go in!

    I'm at work- roads weren't too bad. 

    I have DIY brain and can't stop thinking of more and more projects to do. My list is going to be a mile long but I don't know how to stop myself. lol
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  • TinyTRex321TinyTRex321 member
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    Good morning!

    Of course work wasn't delayed this morning. The roads here in Durham were pretty slippery but I just took it slow. The worst part was trying to get my car up the hill to the parking lot and then walking down the icy hill to get into work!

    Be safe out there!
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    Morning.  I'm glad for my work's adverse weather policy that allows me to decide for myself that I'm a terrible driver in these kind of conditions and don't want to risk it just yet.

    I called my boss this morning to tell her I was going to wait it out a while and she said "Yeah, me too".  So that's good.  One of my other co-workers just text me to say that she "went through a bunch of slick spots but it wasn't terrible" on her way in.  She's from Ohio.  I believe that her opinion is skewed. 
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    Morning guys. I'm studying for my 11:00 exam. I've been checking the school's website but no delays yet. Hopefully the roads won't be too bad, I'm ready to get to Greensboro tonight.

    I hope everyone has a good day.
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    Roads were fine for me from Cary to Chapel Hill. I'm on back roads most of the way and didn't have an issue b/c I drove slow.

    Oh, the interview went great. I got a good feel. I already work with 3 of the 5 persons present at the it was a little odd telling them of how I would be a good fit for this new job. Now I just wait.
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  • HeelsDeahlHeelsDeahl member
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    I made it in, and no one is here in the office. It is so great!

    Maybe I can actually steal some company time to fix up my bio.
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