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***dawnsonm***BM dress update

I just wanted to say thanks again for telling me about the Pretty Maids.  I found a store right across the street from my work that carries this line.  They had the exact dress and it will be more than helpful to order from them.  Not only do I feel more confident in their professionalism but they are RIGHT across the street. I was able to get things accomplished on my lunch break and I don't have to wait for a free weekend which doesnt come often anymore.  I am now awaiting all BMs to send in measurements and payments so that we can get the dresses ordered.

Thanks again!

Re: ***dawnsonm***BM dress update

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    Awesome!! I'm so glad it worked out for you. I'm ordering dresses from Pretty Maids this week too! I couldn't find the specific dress in any store in NC but I liked the look of it online and I like the material of the dresses I've seen in stores and the color swatches so I think I'm just going to take the gamble. Wish me luck :) Where'd you end up ordering from? I'm going with Bridal Mart in Burlington, they've been pretty good with customer service.

    Congrats on getting that done! 
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