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Critique my menu please

Hi Ladies. I'm finishing up my menu last minute, I have to take it to my venu tomorrow. Let me know if you have any suggestions. TIA





Main Course


Chicken Picatta

Lightly breaded Breast of

Chicken, Lemon, Caper and

Garlic Sauce


Roasted Pork Loin

Honey Bourbon Pan Sauce




NCSU Special

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese and Chocolate Chip Filling


Chocolate Dream Cake

with Chocolate Mousse


Cinnamon Swirl Cake with

White Chocolate Mousse




Please Enjoy Howling Cow Icecream After Your Meal
















Re: Critique my menu please

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    I want to eat your cake.  That's all I have for you. :) 
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    The spacing is a little weird for some reason but that's basically what it looks like.
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    Haha...I've been craving that cake all week! I'm trying to figure out a better way to word the icecream (that's what we're doing for favors). That's all I can figure out for now though :-/
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    Um DH and I are obsessed with NCSU ice cream.  One year, he wasn't quite ready for ice cream yet the first time we passed by their stand at the State Fair.  So...we came back later.  It was towards the end of the night, and they RAN OUT of Cookies & Cream -- my favorite!!! I still bring that up every year and we eat it right away :) 

    Anyway -- Maybe add something like "As our gift to you, please enjoy....." to make it really obvious that the ice cream is the favor.  If you have space, maybe even put "Thank you for celebrating with us! As our gift to you, please enjoy...." Just some thoughts!
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    I love that you're having NCSU ice cream at your wedding.  So cool!

    And I also love chicken picatta mmmm.
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    I'm with Ashley.....the cake just sounds delish!  I think I would underline the titles...main course, chicken, pork, dessert.  It kind of seems to run together a little bit...just a suggestion.

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    we are thinking ice cream for my sister's wedding since it is in JULY!!  but question...what are you putting it in?  did you rent a freezer?  if so...through state?  what does it look like?  thanks!

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    Thanks for the suggestions ladies!

    We are having the waitstaff bring ice cream out  after people are finishing their meals. You can rent a freezer from State...I think it's about $50. It just has a glass sliding top and it's white with a wolf or something on it. I don't remember exactly what they look like.
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    are there three differnt types of cakes or is it A wedding cake with three different layers.  i'm not sure i follow it. 

    i always love the fancy names cooks give their stuff.  shake and bake oven roasted chicken becomes something fancy with a caper lemon sauce.

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    3 tiered cake, a different flavor for each tier
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    i think i would maybe say something in bigger text for "Wedding Kake" and underneath it in smaller letters describe the layers.  i think the way it is leaves people wonder is it wedding cake or a dessert bar with separate cakes.
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    are you having sides? I would add that.

    And I want some of that cake..yum
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    I agree with andrea, I would make note that the dessert is wedding cake with various flavors to choose from.  

    I also think if there are sides that should be listed. 

    Everything sounds so yummy, wish I had some for lunch today!

    good luck. 
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