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The Stone House at Stirling Ridge

Hi Everyone! I'm new here and I hope you ladies can help me. I've been engaged since July 26 of this year and I'm getting married on Oct. 10 next year. We're having trouble finding the right venue for our wedding. We want a small, intimate, but very modern wedding, with about 75-85 guests. We looked into destinations, NY restaurants, and some spots in NJ. NY restaurants have nice places that we loved, and they offer some reasonable prices. But with those prices, you only get a salad, 2 choices of entree and a dessert. And alcohol? It's more expensive than the food. We don't like the traditional banquet hall. We're looking for a space that is either modern, clean and simple or something modern, but with character. We found the Stone House, but I wonder how the service is. The ballroom is too big for us, but their new room is the perfect size. Other than the Stone House, does anyone know of a place that is similar to that structure? And nothing too expensive. Any suggestion, advice, comment is highly appreciated! Thanks!!!

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    How about Dolce?
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    Did you look at Bubby's in Dumbo?
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    We actually have a proposal from Bubby’s.  We looked at that place before Stone House.  That space is nice, but I’m afraid it’s too big for our size of wedding.    I just contacted Dolce for a proposal.  Reilly626- were you referring to the one in Basking Ridge?  Their website doesn’t really have pics of their rooms.   Thanks for the suggestions!!  
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    My H and I went to a wedding at Bubby's (3 years ago this past weekend actually) and there were maybe 65 guests? It was definitely not too big. I'd rather have space than be cramped.
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    I had the same issue with trying to find a non-traditional room and also really liked the Stone House. Did you look at the downstairs room at Liberty House? That's where I am getting married.   Its the same owners as Stone House.  Some people would consider the downstairs room plain but I loved it - modern, lots of character and it has a panoramic skyline view.  That room has a 75 person minimum usually. 
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    i got married at stirling ridge, but in the bigger room. we had a great experience and it really is a gorgeous venue. if you want to see some pictures my website is, the password is lisaandfelix
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    almostloco-We actually attended a wedding at the Liberty House last year; my FI was in the wedding party. We liked it, but we purposely avoided that place because his friend had the wedding there already. Mrs. Spunky--good point about the space thing. Right now, we are anticipating about 75 guests, but we have PLENTY of out of town invitees whom we're not sure if they'll attend. I reached out to Bubby's and hopefully they come back with a reasonable price. NycLisa- love your pics! and the shoes!!! :) Thanks for sharing!
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    The pictures of the Stone House look gorgeous! Anyone have an idea of what it starts at per head? Do they do outside ceremonies? It is so beautiful, but with 200+ guests, I'm wondering if it's out of my price range. :(
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    I've been having a similar problem with 120 guests, especially since I don't want a typical wedding factory type place with marble & crystal chandeliers (not that there's anything wrong with that...just not my style!). Someone recommended the Bernards Inn and said they went to a small wedding in the wine vault & it was beautiful. I have no idea of the prices, but the place looks really nice. Here's the link to the smaller rooms: Also, the Old Mill in Bernardsville hosts smaller weddings and looks nice. Please keep us posted on your findings! Good luck!
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