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White vs. Ivory for FI's tux shirt?

We went to pick out FI's tux yesterday and were torn between a white on white shirt/vest/tie combo or ivory on ivory.  My dress is ivory and the lady at the tux shop said if he wears white it might make my dress look dirty.  Is it even noticeable?  Just wondered what you have all done if you had an ivory dress.


Re: White vs. Ivory for FI's tux shirt?

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    hey! i'm in the same boat - pearl underlay with full ivory lace on the top of it!

    FI is going to wear ivory instead of white- I had my doubts, but the dress lady held the ivory shirt vs. white up to my dress- it sealed the deal for me!

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  • AbbeyS2011AbbeyS2011 member
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    Ivory with ivory is the way to go.  When my oldest sis got married years ago, she had her groom wear an ivory tux to match her dress - all the guys wore white tuxes.  It looked awful!

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    Is there any way to get a swatch so that you can put it with your dress to make your decision?

    I presonally like Ivory (my dress was ivory) because I, as a pale redhead, can look ghostly in bridal white.

    I vote Ivory, but def. weigh your options :o)
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  • meredithl618meredithl618 member
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    There are many different shades of white and ivory. If you go over to the attire and accessories board, there are discussions about this all the time. I think most over there think that ivory shirts can end up looking dingy, and white is usually a better choice.  I prefer white shirts and white vest, the ivory can look weird sometimes, but again this all depends on the different shade of ivory and white and the quality of the fabrics.

    My dress was not stark white... it was silk and close to an ivory, but it looked great with FI's white shirt/vest. 

     Take a look at ivory shirts, if you like that darker look, then go for it, I just prefer the crisp, clean white. 

  • Beth0882Beth0882 member
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    My dress was "ivory" but was really more of a soft white than a creamy ivory, so DH wore a white shirt and vest, and it looked fine.  I think if he had gone with ivory it would have been darker than my dress and would have looked wierd.  So, it erally depends on the shade of your dress as said above.  Good luck!
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    Here's what I've learned over the past 5 years: Ivory dress + white tux shirts = everything look white in pictures Ivory dress + ivory tux shirts = the possibility of the tux shirts looking a little dingy & "Gee, I didn't notice her dress wasn't white until I saw his shirt..."
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