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Do you have a morning wedding timeline that you might share with me? I will be forever greatful!!

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    Hey yeah. Our ceremony was at noon. And I am happy to share our timeline! Honestly I think the same timeline could work for any time of day, just change all the times by the same amount you know. It doesn't have to take any more or less time if your wedding is any earlier or later, it might just mean less sleep if your wedding is earlier than noon. But for real, you won't be sleeping that well come early morning anyhow. Wink

    Shoot me an email and I'll reply with the timeline: kristy.paulina at gmail

    Happy to help!
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    YGM   :)
    I'm going to try and find you on FB. The new format here is so slow!
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    Kristy....just sent you an email requesting your timeline too! 

    Wendy couldn't agree with you more in reguards to the new format being soooo slow.....I'm never on any more just because I don't have the patiences to deal with it!!!

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