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Whats your opinion on hotel venues vs other venues??? im soooo indicisive ....

Re: thoughts!

  • I think for me, it really depends on the hotel and venues that are available.
    I really personally dislike the conference room look that some hotels have, however, a lot of spaces are changing and a lot of hotels are making those areas look much more formal looking.

    Around here, where I'm at, all of our hotels are older and dont really have a large room for rent (nor was it my style, again, it was more of a conference room look), so we went with a venue that was an older restored farm house.

    There are a lot of pros and cons to both though. I would suggest making a list and then consider which you like more.

    Good luck! :)
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  • I like other venues just because I like the intimate settings. Hotel venues are nice if you can book the entire hotel for your wedding. Something about kids running around complete strangers from anywhere makes me a little warry.

    We are doing a hotel reception but we booked the entire hotel for the weekend so it will be just us and our guests on the property. No Creepers. 

    Plus non-hotel weddings are much less cookie cutter and to me give you the free range to express yourself all over the venue. Your guest will be able to relate your wedding more to you vs Wedding at the Ritz Carlton that was so pretty. I'd do a hotel wedding if your marriage is for prestige purposes, and you have a lot of guest who aren't close familiy or really close friends of yours.
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  • It's not a large hotel, its an inn
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  • I think it just depends on your personal preference and mine is for other venues.  I like unique venues for sure.  Hotel venues can still be very pretty, but for the most part the rooms tend to all look the same same and the decor just doesn't vary much.  You have to put a lot into decorating to make the space your own.  I can't get over the conference room feel at most hotels. 
  • I'm in Durham and we looked at both hotel and non-hotel venues. Our main issue was that regardless of where we held the ceremony and reception, dancing wasn't going to be the main event -- we're doing our first dance and then that's it. Some settings are "cool" and would lend themselves to a kind of lounge look that would be appropriate for sitting and chatting (we looked at The Cotton Room in Durham, but didn't want to spend that much, or The Kings Daughter's Inn in Durham might work for that as well, but we didn't think we'd fill the rooms). So we're actually holding our reception at a Durham Bulls game! When I said to my FI one evening early in the process that we could get married at a Bulls game and I'd be happy, I got this warm, peaceful feeling. While we're not actually holding the ceremony there, the game, ballpark food, and pallpark fun will be the main event. Well, I guess other than our wedding, that is! This provides entertainment for those who want it, a relaxed atmosphere without dancing, and is also kid friendly. Picture yourself and your FI in different settings, and see what gives you a warm, peaceful feeling!
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