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ceremony site questions!

We had originally decided to have our wedding in a garden; however, with monetary and weather issues arising.  We are thinking of trying to switch our ceremony site to a church because it would cut way down on site charges, plus having to have a backup plan in case of rain if we did an outside ceremony.

Problem:  I have not been living in NC for very long, and my parents are not avid church goers.  Since going away to college, I have not been an active member in any church here in NC.  My Fiance's family goes on very rare occasions. 

If we aren't members or avid goers of chuch how do we go about getting married in a church?  (When we have attended church, it is been Baptist)

Re: ceremony site questions!

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    You could either call the church and ask for their wedding information (my church has a "wedding book" that they'll send you) or attend a service and talk with the minister afterward.

    Keep in mind that the church may have rules about who can officiate.  And they may still charge a fee if you're not a member. 
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    Start looking at church websites, they usually have a wedding section that says what the requirements for getting married there are.   Some churches are fairly flexible others have strict requirements.  Good Luck!!
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