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#1....your dog is too cute...but I read your post below regarding your sick dog. If she doesn't seem better by today or tomorrow see if a PetSmart near you has a Banfield Vet inside because I know how expensive a pet visit could be since we have a 10 year old husky that we spent 4,000 in vet bills last year and we have a 3 month old puppy. We are taking the puppy to the Banfield Vet in PetSmart and we are on a puppy plan, which comes out to be much cheaper, but I also think their office visits are only like $45. After what we went through last year, PetSmart is our savior due to their prices and care. Best of luck to your pup...hope she feels better ;)
BFP #1 1/1/11 EDD 9/10/11 dx:no hb DNC on 2/2/11 BFP #2 12/28/11 natural m/c on 2/6/12 BFP#3 2/16/13 dx:ectopic on 2/27 (given methotrexate)
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    Denise - Thank you so much! Actually, we have the puppy plan down here at the Banfield for both of our dogs. They got me when they told me the cost of getting her spayed would be included in the 34.99 per month when I know it can cost upwards of 300 on it's own. The one I go to used to be owned and operated by a different team. Since the new team came in, I just don't have the confidence in them and each time I go there (to get the free check up that's covered in the plan) they think of 5-6 tests to do  and charge 300 bucks. It's a rip off. Anyway, she's feeling better this morning I think. She was running around a little bit and there are no other symptoms. I'm thinking maybe the weather change since we were using our air conditioner up until about 2 weeks ago and now it's freezing outside. Anyway, Thank you for your help!
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