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Hi! So, my fiance and I are having trouble choosing a venue. We are getting married in NC, but he is from Texas, so we will have a lot of out-of-town guests. We are trying to pick a location that is close to a major airport (think Raleigh, Charlottle, or Greensboro area) for the out-of-town guests. 

I am in college in Alabama right now, so I have very limited time on when I can go home to look for venues. We would really love to be married in a church or chapel, for the religious significance of it. The problem is that NC seems to be lacking in wedding chapels that are in line with our image of our wedding, and it is hard to research churches online since so many churches do not have wedding info on their websites. Does anyone know of a pretty church in your area (literally, anywhere near those three major cities works!) that is simple and pretty that we could consider? I like the look of a stone or brick church on the outside. As far as the inside goes, the lighter the colors and simpler the decor the better. Please let me know if you have any ideas so to where we should be looking! So far the search has only been online, and I am starting to be discouraged as it seems the only places that match our image of the wedding are in Texas! Thanks in advance for any help!

EDIT: We are planning to have between 100-150 people (my fiance is from TX so a lot of guest list depends on how many people will travel.) We are both baptist, but if the church is a different denomination and allows you to bring your own minister, we don't care what denomination the church is. I realize there aren't too many churches out there like that, but it's worth asking!

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    Since you want a church or chapel, what denomination are you looking for? I'm not sure I could be of any help anyway, but most people will have better suggestions if they know the right religion.

    Edited to add: Also, I don't know of any "wedding chapels" -- that is, church-type buildings that exist solely to serve as the location for weddings. You'll have more luck online and in getting suggestions here if you search for churches of a particular faith. You'll also need to provide a rough guest count. There are some lovely chapels that couldn't hold more than 100 people, so the count is a critical consideration.
  • Try all saints chapel.  It's downtown, non denominational, and it's solely a wedding venue.

  • There is a new place in Lincolnton (45 minutes from Charlotte), that opens June 1st. It's a beautiful location and owned by a wonderful couple. Here's the news article on them - - I have their phone number if you PM/Email me. I'm getting married a few weeks before they open.
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    I would recommend choosing a reception venue and then trying to locate a church as opposed to vice versa, I think that will give you more direction

    that said
    Fairmount United Methodist Church allows non-members to be married there AND choose their own officiant or use theirs

    The Stone Chapel is a beautiful, yet small, wedding chapel in Wake Forest.

    Also, many schools allow non-almuni to gett married there...St. Mary's, Meredith College, etc.
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  • Thanks to everyone so far! We have been very scatterbrained in picking a place (a city!) to have it in... First we said near the mountains, then the beach, and now my parents think it will be best to just do it in the Raleigh area. We are going to look around town tomorrow at differernt places.
  • St. Mary's Chapel! Owned by Parks and Rec in Charlotte, only 600 to rent. Beautiful, historic chapel. It books fast!
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